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Tutorial and Application Packages That Help You Apply to Visual Arts and Performing Arts College Programs

Personalized Cheatsheet: Summer Pre-College Programs

Personalized Cheatsheet: Summer Pre-College Programs


What you'll get in this Cheat Sheet:

Included in this Cheat Sheet is a detailed explanation of why we like a program for your student and what the application requirements are. It allows you to compare different programs side-by-side and includes the following:

  • A detailed description of the programs we’re recommending and what type of student they’re appropriate for

  • Our most up-to-date information about summer programs for students interested in a variety of disciplines: fine art, digital art and design, product design, fashion, film, screenwriting, acting, musical theater, technical production, creative writing and dance.

  • Application requirements of each individual program including portfolio requirements, essays, and letters of recommendation

  • Side-by-side cost comparisons

  • Deadlines

  • Program length and session options

After receiving your Cheat Sheet you should be armed with the information necessary to make an informed decision about which summer programs would be best for you and your family.