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Tutorial and Application Packages That Help You Apply to Visual Arts and Performing Arts College Programs

Creating a Visual Arts Portfolio

Creating a Visual Arts Portfolio


This bundle goes over how to create a Visual Arts Portfolio for several majors. It includes:

  • The 35-minute video with directions on choosing work, ordering pieces and describing concepts and technical challenges.

  • 3 documents that help you understand:

    • Key Components of a Portfolio

    • How to Photograph Work for Your Portfolio

    • Fashion Portfolio Suggestions

Once purchased, the video has unlimited viewing. Documents may be downloaded when needed.


What you'll get in this portfolio tutorial bundle:

Included in this tutorial bundle are key documents that you will use while producing your portfolio. We show you how to craft your portfolio in a way that communicates your readiness to study the arts in college.  This tutorial covers the following, and includes examples:

  • What makes a successful portfolio: how to create a strong visual profile.

  • How to show evidence of your passion, commitment and willingness to explore.

  • Describing where your work comes from - assignment or personal work?

  • How to create a series based on theme or medium.

  • How to emphasize conceptual skills in addition to technical ability.

  • We explain specific requirements such as a self-portrait or an institution’s home test (an assignment given to all applicants).

  • We provide examples of game art, product/industrial design, photography and sketchbooks.

  • Instructions on how to photograph your artwork.

After viewing this step-by-step guide, you will have a clear idea of what a successful student portfolio looks like. You will gain an understanding of how work should be arranged for its final presentation in order to best communicate that you're ready to study art at the collegiate level.