“My daughter, Adrienne, applied to several (about 20!) performing arts programs ranging from a couple of non-audition “safety” programs to the most competitive in the country. She applied primarily to BFA musical theatre programs, but also to a few BFA acting programs. She ended the process with several great choices. While her talent was of course critical to this success, I believe that the quality of her written applications was a significant factor. While Adrienne did not get into every BFA program to which she applied, she was accepted by all but a few of the colleges and universities—in other words, she was accepted into more schools than programs. I attribute this to the quality of her applications. Harriet’s help with the many personal essays required was invaluable. While my daughter is a good writer and I am a decent editor, Harriet has the expertise needed for the special type of essays that set students apart in the application process. Harriet helped Adrienne to tell her own story in a heartfelt, authentic way. She also pushed Adrienne to connect her interests to some unique aspect of each program. More than once, Adrienne was asked to dig deeper to find that kernel in the school’s materials that truly resonated with her. That work up front also really helped with the interview portion of the audition process when the auditor asked, “why this program”? I only wish I had known about Harriet when our older son was applying to performing arts programs. She makes a positive difference!”
– Erin B., Daughter, Campolindo High School

“While Harriet would be quick to caution that past performance is no guarantee of future results, I testify that Harriet can look at your student’s body of creative and academic work, interests, personality and peeves, and direct them into programs that will accept them, challenge them and most importantly, fit them. She has current knowledge of creative careers, what schools are doing and what the admissions officers are looking for. She will evaluate your student’s work without parental prejudice, then she will listen, advise, push and promote. Harriet is not for slackers, she works hard but she doesn’t do the work. Organized, working to a plan, Harriet will help you and your student through the maze and you will come out the other end relieved, exhausted, and, if you are like my son and we, his parents, thrilled, delighted and excited at what the future now holds.”                 Meg G. Son, Palo Alto High School

“The process of finding, selecting, and applying to the right college was an enormous task that almost seemed impossible for my wife and I. Double that challenge with two kids entering college the same year. However, it came as a wonderful relief to find someone as friendly, and knowledgeable in the media arts as Harriet Katz to help our son navigate the complexities of the application and portfolio requirements for each school. We couldn’t be happier when our son was accepted in ALL his top choice schools. Now we can relax!” –Russell Brown & Jan Davis, Son, Mountain View High School

“Harriet Katz is nothing short of amazing! My son connected with her instantly and he absolutely adored working with her. Because he was applying to musical theater programs, he had quite a few essays to write. Harriet was able to help him truly open up and express himself clearly. She also helped him stay organized and on top of the application process. She is one of those rare people who is incredibly creative, but also extremely organized and efficient. She seems to have unending knowledge of the admissions and application process, as well, so her assistance was invaluable. I have already recommended her, quite confidently, to several families who are just beginning their college preparation journey”
– Nancy M. Son, San Ramon Valley High School

“Harriet knows her craft and relates to high school students in a wonderful way. She took so much stress out of the college application process for my daughter, for my husband and for me. It is very difficult to be the parent AND the college coach. I highly recommend handing over the college coach position to Harriet. First, Harriet helped find universities with a 4 year art program that fit well with my daughter’s style and personality. Then she guided my daughter through the portfolio, the essays and the complete application process. Harriet saw the raw talent in my daughter and built up her confidence. With Harriet’s coaching, my daughter created a wonderful portfolio that was given high praise… and scholarship offers.”
– Carol N., Daughter, Mountain View High School

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance and support over the last year. You have been such a pleasure to work with and your input has been incredibly valuable all along the way. You helped J. to identify which schools to visit, you advised him to try the UCLA Summer Institute, and then helped him through all the critical decisions about where to apply. He always left his meetings with you feeling calm and confident. What a gift! Your direction about his portfolio was insightful and encouraging, and you skillfully guided him so he could showcase his true creativity and talent. You also helped him to crystallize what type of program he was really looking for and which schools would be the best match for his interests. I always assumed we’d be able to figure this out on our own, but I was definitely wrong. We could not have made it through the last six months without your help!”
– Susie S., Son, Los Altos High School

“I am deciding to go to Boston Conservatory next year. Thank you again for all your help with my essays, without it I probably wouldn’t be going to a school that I’ve been excited about since the very beginning.”
– Brent M. Musical Theater student, Bellarmine College Preparatory High School

“Harriet performed an absolutely stunning job in determining the colleges and programs best fit to my personal interests, academic record and portfolio. She offered invaluable feedback for my portfolio both in content and presentation. She is not afraid to give constructive criticism; her honest reflections drastically improved the quality of my portfolio. I confidently submitted my USC application knowing it was 100 times better than it could have been had I not had access to her diligent guidance and insight. Her determination and persistence to help me produce and present my best possible portfolio and application was invaluable. I was accepted by USC, my dream school and top choice and will be studying Media Arts and Production in the School of Cinematic Arts.”
– Eric L., Mountain View High School


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