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Personalized Cheatsheet Pre College Summer Programs

How To Get Your Personalized Cheat Sheet: Pre-College 2018* Summer Programs

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* Please note that most Summer 2018 deadlines have now passed.

Creative Kid College Coach catalogs a wide spectrum of pre-college summer arts programs across the United States in many disciplines: fine art, digital art and design, product design, fashion, film, screenwriting, acting, musical theater, technical production, creative writing and dance.

The Personalized Cheat Sheet contains descriptions of summer programs that we hand pick specifically for each student. It includes:

  • A short survey collecting information about a student’s experience level and interests

  • A custom-made Cheat Sheet that includes:

    • Hand-picked programs based on the information you’ve given us

    • A full description of the program and why we like it

    • Application requirements such as portfolios and essays

    • Program deadlines and cost so you can compare instantly

    • You can always contact us for more help and consultative guidance on finding and applying to the best pre-college summer program for you.


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Creative Kid College Coach is for students interested in pursuing the visual or performing arts in college.