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Useful Links To Help Your Application Process

Useful Links In Applying To Visual & Performing Arts College Programs

Performing and Visual Arts College Fairs – Events for college-bound students interested in pursuing programs in the area of visual/performing arts.

National Portfolio Day Association – Meet with representatives from accredited colleges to have portfolios reviewed prior to application.

National Unified Auditions – Regional theater arts auditions for national and international college admissions.

ACT – Register for the ACT exam.

College Board – Useful info about all aspects of college search and selection. Register for SAT exam.

FAFSA – Determine eligibility for federal financial aid.

College Fastweb – General site with helpful scholarship search information.

National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts – a program of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts that provides assistance to emerging artists.

AJ Tutoring – SAT/ACT prep and academic tutoring.

College Audition Pro – Susan Mascall, theater audition coach.