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College Application Organizer Overview

College Application Organizer: Complete List Of Schools By Art Major

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Lists of Schools, Requirements and Deadlines In One Place

These spreadsheets detail the components of different applications for up to 60 colleges with multiple majors at each school, depending on the discipline you select. Art programs often have specialized deadlines and a litany of additional supplements, but with these spreadsheets you’ll know exactly what you need and when to submit. Each includes:

  • Schools acknowledged to have both high quality programs and high levels of student retention with post-graduation success

  • Schools representing a wide range of capabilities and disciplines, programs which Creative Kid College Coach has assessed and helped students submit successful applications to

  • Descriptions of, or links to portfolio or audition requirements

  • Standardized test requirements

  • Details about letters of recommendation

  • Deadlines to submit your application to both the school and the specific program (because they often differ)

  • Deadlines to schedule an audition or submit a portfolio

  • Links to program websites

Spreadsheets are updated periodically throughout the application season.

Each individual Application Organizer Spreadsheet is $200.

Choose Your Artistic Discipline

You may choose one spreadsheet for programs in:

  • Fine Art and Design (60+ schools)

  • Animation and Digital Arts (40+ schools)

  • Product, Industrial Design and Architecture (50+ schools)

  • Film Production and Studies (50+ schools)

  • Technical Theater and Directing (20+ schools)

  • Theatre - both Acting and Musical Theatre (50+ schools)

  • Classical Music Performance (40+)

  • Popular Music, Jazz Performance and Music Industry (40+)

  • Music Technology and Recording Arts (20+)

  • Dance (30+ schools)

  • Creative Writing (30+ schools)

If you need a customized College Application Organizer Spreadsheet that speaks to your particular interests and abilities, contact us to arrange an individualized one-on-one session to build out your school application list and timeline.