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College Application Organizers: Build Your List and Organize Your Applications

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If I could only give one piece of advice to students applying to visual and performing art programs, it would be a simple choice: “get organized.” This advice applies to every aspect of the college application process. Researching colleges with the right fit and curriculum requires organization, but even before you can commit to that investigation you have to dedicate time to discovering schools that have the majors you want. Then comes the biggest organizational challenge of all - taking that list and finding out exactly what you need to do in order to complete your application.

That’s why we’re happy to announce a new product in our lineup - the Application Organizer.  The average visual and performing art student is seeking the answer to many questions a conventional student isn’t. It isn’t simple to find this information, much less keep track of it. These students need to know: What schools have the major I want? How many pieces can go in my portfolio? What monologues or songs do I need to perform at my audition? Is there a prescreen or an additional profile I have to fill out? Are my deadlines the same as other applicant’s? And that’s in addition to knowing the basic requirements for essays, letters of recommendation and standardized tests.

We’ve spent years collecting this information about dozens of schools for a number of disciplines. We update these lists every year with new schools we’ve come to love and the latest requirements for that application cycle. For the first time ever we’re making that information available to the public. Each organizer has anywhere from 20 to 60 schools and tells you everything that school requires you to submit. You'll know deadlines (which are often different from the main school deadlines), portfolio or audition requirements, standardized testing options, as well as the number of essays and letters of recommendation. We cover a wide variety of schools, from the usual suspects to hidden gems in that discipline. You can discover schools that align directly with your needs and goals while ensuring you know exactly what to do to apply to them. All of this information is in one location, easy to access, and is updated periodically throughout the admission season.

Getting organized is absolutely vital, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. You can benefit from our legwork and years of expertise. Find out more about our Application Organizers here.