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College Counseling for Visual and Performing Arts

Why a college coach just for creative kids?  Because as a group, those students who are interested in a course of study in the visual and performing arts are at a loss as to how to pursue their dream.  There are great programs out there – programs that will provide the creativity and intellectual rigor that these special students are seeking.  Unfortunately many high school counselors and their parents are unable to guide them. That’s where I step in.  I have learned from talking to eager college interns how hard it is to tell their story.  I have seen portfolios that were stunning and those that should have stayed packed away in that memory box at home.  And, I have talked to the students, asking them questions about their passion, pulling their special stories out of them and helping them to see that they too have options.

The student interested in visual and performing arts have their special point of view and a passion at an early age to pursue an environment that will suit their unique needs.  I have found this group of students to be focused, versatile and organized.  How else could you balance your homework, performance and practice schedules, exhibition dates and auditions all at the same time?  As a group, students desiring a college career in the arts know all about dedication and hard work.

I can help you to identify programs, both national and international.  Stuck on your essay?  I will help you tell your story.  Overwhelmed by the admission requirements and specifications for portfolio submissions?  I will create a plan and help you to execute and submit your admission materials in the best possible light.

“We believe that practical and critical knowledge of the arts is an indispensable foundation for enlightened citizenship in an increasingly complex and challenging world.”

Christopher Waterman Dean, UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture