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Schools Where Our Students Are Admitted

Our Students Are Admitted to America’s Top Schools In Visual and Performing Arts

We focus on finding the right programs for our students. This leads to higher success in college with extremely low transfer rates and greater career options.

With all our students, we use an array of tools to optimize their admission choices. These tools are now available at our web store:

How To Write An Artist’s Statement

How To Create A Visual Arts Portfolio

College Application Organizers With Top Schools By Discipline, Requirements and Deadlines

A sample of schools attended by Creative Kid students:

Mark Tamaya
Linda Tamaya
Christina Brown
Jennifer Rhee
Fred Hernandez
Michael Lee
Roy Alexander
Bonnie Green
Terry Gupta
Wayne Edwards
Shirley Phillips
Jose Sharma

How Do I Apply to Programs in the Visual and Performing Arts?

What School Is Right For Me?

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Harriet Katz of Creative Kid College Coach covers everything from what requirements you need to know early on, to what to consider in finding the right school for you.